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  • Help protects the life of water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines

  • Removes scale buildup in tankless water heaters permanently without filters or maintenance

  • ScaleBlaster will remove all lime scale deposits that has built up in your household pipes

  • Lime scale deposits will never form again once removed

  • Water will feel "softer", and soap will lather up much more

  • Soap and detergent use can be cut back by 25% or more

  • Less scum will allow for soap and detergents to work more effectively

  • Water heater will work much more efficiently

  • Premature failure of water heater and heating elements are no longer a problem

  • May improve symptoms of eczema without the need of special creams

  • Water heating bill will go down dramatically

  • Water will taste better because pipelines have been cleaned out of scale deposits

  • Skin will feel smooth and hair will be much more manageable

  • Stains on sinks, basins, toilets will be easily wiped away

  • Dishwasher, washing machine and other water fed appliances will operate more efficiently

  • Shower heads will no longer clog up with lime scale

  • Water filters and RO membranes will work more efficient

  • Scale deposits in pipes are a breeding ground for bacteria

  • With scale removed, there is a less likelihood for bacteria, making your water healthier

  • Coffee will taste better, and juices & concentrates will be much more flavorful

Best of all...

  • You are protecting our environment by not treating your water with a water softener

  • Your investing in your health with calcium and magnesium remaining in your water instead of salt

  • Your investment will never require maintenance, salt, or filters to change

  • ScaleBlaster costs less than a water softener and all the salt and maintenance they require

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