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save money no more salt
We care about saving you money

ScaleBlaster will save you money from the day you install it. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, your small investment in ScaleBlaster will pay for itself over and over again.

No salt or maintenance bills

Water softeners are a maintenance nightmare. Nobody likes messing with them. They are costly to repair and require constant bags of salt to operate. The average homeowner can spend up to $100-$200 a year in salt alone.

Save on your water & sewer bill

Water softeners require a lot of water to regenerate. You waste up to 100 gallons of water every time you regenerate. This adds greatly to your water and sewer bill.

Lower cleaning chemicals

ScaleBlaster will allow you to cut back on your cleaning chemicals dramatically. Hard water causes soap scum, calcium deposits, mildew that is costly to remove.

Lower soap and detergent use

ScaleBlaster will allow you to cut back on soap and detergents by as much as 50%, saving the average household hundreds of dollars a year.

Lower energy bill

Your biggest savings will come from your electric bill. Lime scale buildup will decrease heat transfer causing the water heater to “work harder”. Water heaters cost several hundred a year to operate and a recent New Mexico State University showed that lime scale buildup will increase energy consumption 21% in electric water heaters and up to 29% in gas water heaters.

Prolongs life of your appliances

Lime scale buildup will reduce the lifespan of all appliances that come in contact with water. The water heater, dishwasher and cloths washer will all enjoy a longer lifespan without lime scale buildup on heating elements and in other areas.

Increases value of house

Any house that can boost a maintenance-free, eco-friendly water conditioning system will increase the value of the house and improve the chances of selling, if you ever get to that point. Or you can simply take the unit with you if you do ever move. The unit is totally portable.

Avoid expensive installation costs

ScaleBlaster is designed for the average homeowner to install. No plumbing work is required like with a water softener. No special tools required, either.

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