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There are a few very important factors to consider when you determine which ScaleBlaster is the right fit for your household:

Water Hardness Level - Refer to the map on the right to determine your water hardness level. If you're uncertain, you can usually call your municipality to find out what your water hardness is. If you have a well, your water hardness readings might actually be much higher than shown on this chart. City water will differ from well water. For reference: gpg= grains per gallon. ppm= parts per million and is the same a mg/L

Pipe Size - The size of the incoming water supply line going to your house is critical in determining the proper unit. The SB-75/SB-175/SB-XX will handle up to 1 1/4" pipe, and the SB-MAX will handle up to 1 1/2" pipe. If you have 1 1/2" pipe and water hardness less than 10gpg, the recommended unit is the SB-MAX.

Pipe Type - The ScaleBlaster will work on copper, cpvc, pvc, or pex pipe. If the house has galvanized pipe, or pipe with magnetic characteristics(when a magnet will stick to the outside of the pipe), a small section of pipe should be cut out where the signal cable is to be installed and replaced with pvc or copper pipe.

Size of House - If the house is large (over 5,000 square feet) or has multiple levels and/or several bathrooms, the SB-MAX should be installed. Always size the model to the larger sized unit. For example, if the house is small, but has a water hardness of 22 gpg, you should go with the SB-MAX. If the house is very large with multiple floors and the water hardness is 8 gpg, you should still go with the SB-MAX.

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