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“My daughters were raving about how soft their hair was the very next day! Wow!”

Mrs. Pamela Cartwright
Cincinnati, Ohio

“ScaleBlaster really works – just like the sales guy told us.”

Jason Zonar
Tucson, Arizona

“I didn’t believe this could work, but with a money back guarantee, I took a chance. I am glad I did. It is the best investment I have made in years. You can quote me on that.”

Mr. Robert Smith
West Palm Beach, Florida

“I am so glad we heard of your product. I was going to replace the plumbing in our 50 year old house because of scaled up pipes. Your unit cleaned them out in three months. Amazing! You saved me $30,000. Our water feels much softer, too.”

Mr. & Mrs. Strickland
San Antonio, Texas

“We use to have to clean or replace our shower heads all the time. Rocks of limestone would come out of them. Since we put your unit on, it all went away. We are very impressed with your system. We have told our neighbors and they will be calling you. Again, thanks!”

Mr. and Mrs. Hudson
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We actually get lather from using the soap in the shower! I can’t wait to see how much detergent use we can save now.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wright
Allentown, Pennsylvania

“Anytime you can save on energy and water usage while not polluting the environment with salt discharge is encouraging to me”.

Mr. James Brockton
Santa Monica, California

"The installation was simple like you said. A one beer install!...No maintenance...This is almost too good to be true...we are totally satisfied with your product."

Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal
Deerfield, Illinois

"I use to have to put this nasty eczema cream on every morning. But ever since we installed ScaleBlaster, I don't have to anymore. Thanks for everything. I am raving to all our friends about this."

Mrs. Janet Hurst
Lakeland, Florida

"Our soap use has been cut, our flappers on our toilets work now, and the white buildup in my dishwasher is going away after a month. The glasses from the dishwasher are starting to clean up, too. The entire family reported soft hair and much more soap bubbles in just two days."

Mr. and Mrs. Jacoby
Evansville, Indiana

"Everybody is raving in our household about how soft their hair feels. ScaleBlaster really works.”

Brad Pinch
Glendale, Arizona

"We decided to try your ScaleBlaster because of the money back guarantee offer you gave us. I can honestly say this product works exactly as advertised. My folks in Indiana are going to order a unit from you this week.”

Mr. And Mrs. Gentry
Decatur, Illinois

"The first thing we noticed was our hair was softer. Our shower heads no longer clog up. Our toilet bowl flapper was always getting stuck, but no longer. The dishwasher’s heating element is no longer coated in white limescale. We are telling our friends and neighbors about your ScaleBlaster.”

Robin Martini
San Bernardino, California

"Our two daughters have had eczema and hated to put on that nasty cream everyday. Ever since ScaleBlaster was put on, they no longer have to put the cream on the eczema has gone away!”

Mr. and Mrs. William Brooks
St. Petersburg, Florida

"ScaleBlaster really works!”

Mr. and Mrs. Randall
Coral Gables, Miami

"Your company should be commended for what you are doing to help the environment! Keep up the good work.”

Jennifer Gentry
Wichita, Kansas

"The installation was done in just a few minutes. Within days, our water pressure was improving. Our water gets much hotter and quicker, so something right is going on in there!”

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"We have never given a referral in our lives, but I am writing this to say that we have been very happy with ScaleBlaster for nearly 10 years now. We use to replace our heating elements in the water heater every year or two. I can’t remember the last time we have had to change them – I think it was before we installed your unit. You have saved us a ton of money in that and in soap and detergents.

James Simpson
Tampa, Florida

"We had relatives over for Christmas week. They all raved about the water. Now they want to come back more often. Thanks a lot!”

Michael Jenson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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