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water feels smoother and silkier
Week One

The first thing you will notice is that the water feels "smoother" and "silkier". Soap suds will lather much more, and you will be able to cut back on soap (bathing, laundry and dishwasher), detergents, and conditioners. Less scum will allow for soap and detergents to work more effectively. You should be able to cut back about 25% on soap use or more. Stains on sinks, basins, and toilets will be easily wiped away.

skin will feel softer
Week Two

You will notice softer, more manageable hair. Your skin will feel softer after showering or bathing. Long hair is especially prone to breaking from the accumulation of hard calcium deposits. The hard scale left on hair shafts also limits the hairs ability to "breathe". Hair that is coated with lime scale deposit is very hard to manage. It often causes "frizzing" in humid-like weather. This hard coating also limits hair conditioners from penetrating into the hair shaft. Hair will be cleaner, with a squeaky-clean feel to it. Your hair will also have a better color because the milky scale on the hair shaft is stripped away.

calcium build up no longer

Your skin will feel softer after showering or bathing. Hard water is especially noticeable when shaving. The skin feels irritable after shaving. With hard water, soap residue is left behind on the skin, creating further irritation. The simple experience of washing your hands and face will change dramatically. A change in the feel of skin is experienced. The skin will feel smoother and softer.

You will notice improvements as the natural oils in the skin are more easily retained as the calcium no longer causes irritation and dryness. Water will rise off with no slippery feeling. Your cloths will feel softer out of the laundry and whites will remain whiter than in hard water. ScaleBlaster will eliminate the formation of new lime scale deposits and it will start to loosen existing scale deposits in your home -- both inside the pipes and on fixtures that are in contact with water.

Mold and mildew will begin to disapper from showers and bathtubs.

healthier lifestyle Week Threelime scale breakdown

Lime scale deposits will begin to break down from your pipes, showerheads, faucets, water heaters (both regular and tank-less ones). These lime scale deposits will never return again. The water heater will start to work much more efficiently as lime scale deposits are removed from the heating elements. Your washing machine and dishwasher will also work much more efficiently as the deposits are gradually removed.

If your house has a private well or if you live in a rural area where the water is not treated by a municipality, you will eliminate the black mold that can form inside pipes, in the toilet bowl and on shower curtains inside or shower door, etc.

Week Four

healthier lifestyle Your water will taste better and create a healthier lifestyle as the scale deposits and bacteria in your pipelines will be gone. Your water filters and RO membranes will work much more efficiently. Coffee will taste better, and juices and concentrates will be much more flavorful. Eczema and dry skin sufferers will be relieved from the harsh effects of hard water. Water pressure will increase and the water may get a bit warmer, possibly allowing you to turn down the thermostat on the water heater.

never any maintenance
Long Term Benefits

There is never any maintenance required with ScaleBlaster. Just make sure the light is on! No more bags of salt to purchase at the store and haul around. Your home's pipe system will stay lime scale free forever, never facing the eventually replacement of pipes which would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater will last significantly longer. Your cloths will last longer and whites will be brighter. Towels and other cloths will be softer. Hard water deposits are abrasive and will wear out clothing in the washer. You will no longer experience oily skin residue that is typical of salt based water softeners. You will continue to cut back soap and detergent use by 25% or more.

ScaleBlaster greatly enhances the value of the house, and by Going Green, you are protecting our environment. You are also helping your health, with bacteria-free pipe lines and not showering in water that was softened by salt.

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